The Ultimate Vintage Design Collection

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The Ultimate Vintage Design Collection

Over 1400 high-quality vintage design goods that have been sourced, restored, and repurposed from a private collection of century-old books and ephemera worth in excess of $3200.

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Use this collection of design goods within an unlimited number of commercial projects. This includes end products for sale, print and web work, social media, etc. Read the Extended Commercial License for more details (Oh, this also covers the bonus fonts too!)

Software Friendly

This collection contains PNG & JPEG images which will work within all graphics software (Including design apps on mobile and tablets). It also includes vector files (.AI & .EPS), these will work within Illustrator, Sketch, Afinnity, Corel Draw, Photoshop and more!

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Abbie (my fianceé and co-creator) and I are not happy unless you are; That said, we’re so confident in our products that we offer a money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. So if you’re not 100% satisfied, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will fix that!

What’s Included? (A Brief Overview)

430+ Botanical Illustrations

Our most popular plants, flowers, and fruit illustration packs can be found inside; Complete with custom made floral arrangements!

290+ Wildlife Illustrations

We’re not short of versatility; Inside this wonderful pack, you will find a whole bunch of Sealife, Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, and more!

295+ Misc Illustrations

From beautifully decorated ornate borders (perfect for invitations, by the way!), to super-high-resolution mechanical blueprints.

240+ Textures & Backgrounds

This wouldn’t be complete without some vintage paper, maps, and leather JPEG textures (300dpi). Perfect in combination with the illustrations and on their own!

230+ Sketched Floral Art

This part of the collection has been entirely handcrafted by my Dad. He has been a hobby artist for most of his life and we’re so proud to collaborate and include his work.

19 Vintage Inspired Fonts

On top of all of this, if you purchase the collection, you will also receive a bonus pack of some of my most popular vintage-inspired multilingual fonts!

The Ultimate Vintage Design Collection

Over 1400 high-quality vintage design goods that have been sourced, restored, and repurposed from a private collection of century-old books and ephemera worth in excess of $3200.

Original price was: $490.00.Current price is: $49.00.Add to cart

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Below you will find a detailed overview of each and every product that we have included within this extensive collection of digital vintage design resources. Each and every piece individually sourced, restored and converted for high-quality digital use. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ’s and/or shoot us a message!

75 Vintage Ornate Borders

Weeks of restoration went into creating this versatile pack of print ready, high-resolution borders (Transparent PNG Images). Intertwining illustrations had to be carefully removed, making room for new designs to exist. From floral to theatrical, this collection of ornamental frames cover a wide span of subjects. Perfect for an array of print projects; From wedding invitations to event posters and so much more (See original product)

90 Vintage Maps of the World

Each image within this wonderful collection of Vintage Maps was sourced from an early 1900’s Atlas and Gazetteer that was not only in almost perfect condition but was quite the giant! (See original product)

147 Botanical Illustrations Pack

You’re looking at our Extensive Collection of 147 Vintage Botanical Line Art Illustrations. Each piece hand selected from a series of early 1900s botanical study books worth over $220! (See original product)

Purchase today and receive ‘The Handcrafted Vintage Fonts Pack’ (Worth $114)

The handcrafted vintage fonts pack consists of a carefully selected array of effortlessly cohesive display fonts and a unique collection of engraved illustrations sourced and professionally restored from a private library of rare century-old books. The fonts that are included within the pack were handpicked from my existing portfolio for their ability to beautifully complement one another, saving you time searching for font combinations and providing you with a solid, well-rounded kit to work with. (See original product)

156 Misc. Vintage Illustrations Pack

Within this pack, you will find a collection of 156 beautifully restored vintage illustrations that have been sourced from our private collection of books and ephemera. Each illustration comes as an entirely transparent PNG image and both EPS and AI Vector formats. (See original product)

88 Vintage Nautical Illustrations

Introducing our Vintage Collection of 88 Nautical themed Illustrations – Available in Both PNG and Vector Formats. Our focus is to collect, restore, and repurpose old and forgotten artwork for the modern creator. Within this collection, you will find a wide variety of nautical themed illustrations from crabs to jellyfish, seashells to fishing hooks, and fish to squid. (See original product)

36 Plant & Flower Illustrations

This set includes, among others, the Hibiscus, Hornbeam, Horseshoe Geranium, Hyacinth, Iris Susiana, Ivy, Jasmine, Jeffersonia, Juniper, Kidneywort, Laburnum, Lignum Vitae, Lilac, Lyre Flower, Mitchella Repens, Oak Gall, Orchid, Oxeye Daisy and Pampas Grass. If you do not have access to a vector based program, or simply want to open and work with these images quickly and easily, we have included 36 high-resolution (300 dpi) PNG too! (See original product)

The Handcrafted Florals Collection

Our handsketched series has been created in collaboration with my Dad. He has been an artist (non-professionally) for most of his life, with a particular focus on all things nature. So we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity for him to break out his pencils and start getting paid for doing what he loves! We all (Myself, Abbie, and my Dad) sincerely hope you enjoy what we have created together. (See original product)

37 Vintage Paper Textures

Each and every beautiful, high-resolution vintage paper texture within this pack has been sourced from our rapidly growing private library of pre-1900 books (some are more than 300 years old!). While we primarily use these books to source illustrations, we have recently started turning to them for their perfectly imperfect textures. (See original product)

64 Vintage Mechanical Blueprints

Introducing our Extensive and High-Quality Collection of Century Old Mechanical Engineering Blueprints Sourced and professionally restored from an early 1900s engineering textbook. Blueprints are perfect for specific design scenarios, particularly backgrounds, patterns, and apparel. They’re especially useful for projects within the tech industry and or projects influenced by technology. (See original product)

46 Vintage Sealife Illustrations

Introducing The Sealife Pack – A unique and rare collection of handcrafted nautical illustrations covering a variety of species. Within this collection, you will find 46 individual high-quality illustrations available in three formats (AI, EPS, and PNG). Perfect for a spectrum of design projects from branding to scrapbooking. (See original product)

35 Reptile & Amphibian Illustrations

Introducing our Reptile and Amphibian Vintage Illustration Pack – A diverse and high-quality collection of handcrafted engravings covering a diverse selection of exotic animals. (See original product)

76 Vintage Anatomy Illustrations

You’re looking at a High-Quality Collection of Vintage Anatomy Illustrations sourced from our Private Library of Century-old Books and Ephemera. Within this extensive and versatile set of 76 hand engraved anatomical illustrations, you will find a full selection of images covering head to toe. Subjects include; The brain, skull, organs, ribs, arms, hands, feet, legs, heart, ears, eyes, torso, various side profiles, pelvis, and more. (See original product)

35 Plant & Flower Illustrations Vol.2

Introducing Our Second Collection of Vintage Plant and Flower Vector Illustrations – Includes 35 High-Quality PNG and Vector Images. Our focus is to collect, restore and repurpose old and forgotten artwork for the modern creator and within this collection, you will find 35 detailed plants and flower engravings/illustrations that are perfect for a whole variety of design projects. (See original product)

Vintage Sheet Music Textures

When we uncovered this gorgeous book of handwritten sheet music, we knew that we had to get it no matter the price (for those curious, it was $117). The book itself didn’t have too many pages and many were empty, but what we found was textured gold! This entirely unique collection of sheet music is pushing 200 years old and provides us, as creators, a beautiful variety of backgrounds and textures to create and play with. (See original product)

39 Plant & Flower Illustrations Vol.3

Introducing Our Third Volume of High-Quality Plant and Flower Vector Illustrations – PNG Images Included! This set includes, among others, the Baneberry, Blackberry, Buttercup, Rose, Ivy, Lime, Crabapple, Dog Rose, Evening Primrose, Shepherd’s Purse, Marsh Mallow, Lady’s Finger, Buckthorn, Holly, and Columbine. (See original product)

54 Handcrafted Mammal Illustrations

Introducing ‘The Mammal Pack’ A diverse and high-quality collection of vintage illustrations covering a vast array of wild animals (and some, not so wild). Within this collection, you will find 54 hand engraved animal illustrations that are perfect for a whole variety of design projects; from logo design to apparel, from posters to scrapbooking and so much more. (See original product)

70 Flower & Fruit Illustrations No.3

Our ‘Fruit, Flowers, and More’ series contains a vast selection of beautiful illustrations discovered within a rare collection of gardening dictionaries from the late 1800’s. (See original product)

94 Vintage Leather & Paper Textures

This superb collection of high-resolution vintage textures were collected from a 1789 pocket journal that we acquired for $110 (an absolute steal!). We were so excited to find this piece of history and even more so when we found what was within. (See original product)

63 Fruit & Flower Illustrations

You’re looking at a diverse collection of vintage illustrations covering various fruits, flowers, plants and more! PNG and Vector formats Included. Each and every illustration was carefully scanned at a whopping 1200dpi to squeeze as much detail as possible into every piece (See original product)

13 Botanical Illustrations & Extras

Introducing the First Volume of our new Hand-sketched Collection – 13 High-Resolution Plant and Flower Sketches plus 48 Botanical Extras & 4 Premade Wreaths/Assortments.Our new hand-sketched series focuses on re-purposing the rare and beautiful images that we have already collected and restored, in the hope to provide you with an organic alternative and to increase the versatility of our rapidly growing collection. (See original product)

40 Plant & Flower Illustrations No.5

This set includes, among others; the Yellow Ox-Eye, Wild Radish, Wild Pear, Wild Celery, Welsh Poppy, Water Parsnip, Wallflower, Thale Cress, Sycamore, Sneezewort, Sea Kale, Linnae, Honeysuckle, Trifid-Bur Marigold and the Hog-Weed. All files have been appropriately named and organised for easy use. (See original product)

40 Flower & Plant Illustrations No.4

This set includes, among others, the Pheasant’s Eye, Globe Flower, Garlic Mustard, Gean, Lady’s Smock, Meadow Sweet, Monkshood, Mouse-Tail, Pasque Flower, Ragged Robin, Purple Sea Rocket, Meadow Vetchling, Lesser Wart-Cress, Larkspur, Hop Trefoil and more. (See original product)

20 Floral Illustrations & More

Introducing our Selection of 20 Graphite Botanical Sketches – Featuring an array of beautifully handcrafted flowers, 28 individual elements and 5 premade arrangements. (See original product)

The Ultimate Vintage Design Collection

Over 1400 high-quality vintage design goods that have been sourced, restored, and repurposed from a private collection of century-old books and ephemera worth in excess of $2500.

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