13 Botanical Illustrations & Extras

13 Botanical Illustrations & Extras


Introducing the First Volume of our new Hand-sketched Collection – 13 High-Resolution Plant and Flower Sketches plus 48 Botanical Extras & 4 Premade Wreaths/Assortments

Our new hand-sketched series focuses on re-purposing the rare and beautiful images that we have already collected and restored, in the hope to provide you with an organic alternative and to increase the versatility of our rapidly growing collection.

Within this particular download, you will find 13 beautifully handcrafted plant and flower illustrations in a PNG format. The sketches have been entirely isolated from their backgrounds, meaning you can stack these an infinite amount without any issue.

What’s Inside?

Baneberry (3134px x 3776px), Burnet Leaved Rose (3088px x 3808px), Climbing Corydalis (3984px x 4666px), Common Broom (2188px x 5814px), Rock Rose (1829px x 4614px), Young Rock Rose (1143px x 3204px), Soapwort (2752px x 4436px), Spindle-Tree Branch (3198px x 5173px), Pheasent’s Eye (2914px x 3987px), Water Parsnip (2654px x 4636px), Wild Beaked Parsley (2758px x 3945px), Wild Pear (3082px x 3500px), Yellow Meadow Rue (3068px x 4496px).

48 Individual Botanical Elements

4 Premade Wreaths / Floral Assortments

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