94 Vintage Leather & Paper Textures

94 Vintage Leather & Paper Textures


This superb collection of high-resolution vintage textures were collected from a 1789 pocket journal that we acquired for $110 (an absolute steal!). We were so excited to find this piece of history and even more so when we found what was within.

Let’s start with the exterior; A soft to touch, perfectly aged, leather wrap with nothing but a long string loosely holding everything together. We scanned the front and back in various positions, with and without the string, to provide as many angles and details as possible, without damaging the journal itself. The end result was…

  • 12 leather/string textures Averaging 3500px x 4951px @300dpi. This includes a full shot of the front of the journal – with and without a shadow.

Now onto the interior; The pages are weathered, worn, and delicate. Fortunately, many were covered with beautiful handwriting documenting the finances and appointments of the tradesman who once owned the journal. We were also pleased to find some completely blank pages – as these can serve as fantastic backdrops to your digital work. They helped us create…

  • 36 high-resolution vintage paper textures Averaging 4500px x 6365px @300dpi. Some with handwriting, some without.
  • 46 entirely transparent textures full of detail Averaging 4500px x 6365px @300dpi. From handwriting to an array of detailed borders and backgrounds. These are really great to work with!

Thanks to modern technology and the creative desire for all things vintage; This 228-year-old ‘Methodical Pocket-Journal’ will live on in its new format (and continue to exist within our private library).

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