The Handcrafted Florals Collection

The Handmade Floral Illustration Collection


Introducing our Extensive and Beautifully Handcrafted Florals Collection

Our handcrafted florals collection is truly a one of a kind, all in one kit. Whether you prefer to create your own custom botanical pieces or enjoy the ease of dragging and dropping premade arrangements, this collection is for you. With so much to choose from you can literally spend hours and hours designing beautiful event and wedding invitations, birthday and holiday cards, flyers, posters, images for your social media or blogs and so much more.

This collection has been created to not serve one but a plethora of design challenges – an essential collection to your creative toolbox.

What’s Inside?

  • 111 Individual Transparent Botanical Elements (Flower Heads, Buds, Leaves, etc)
  • 26 Premade Floral Wreaths and Arrangements
  • 8 Seamless Pattern Sheets (with Easy to Edit PSD Files)
  • 35 Original Pieces of Botanical Artwork (Average 3500px x 7500px @300dpi)
  • 7 Ready-to-Print A5 Event or Wedding Invites / A4 Borders @300DPI
  • 4 Square 8.5 inch Templates (perfect for Instagram!)
  • BONUS 14 Fruit and Vegetable Sketches! (Ideal for branding!)

The Process

We sourced floral illustrations from the early-to-late 1800s that were either too damaged to restore digitally or generally unusable, we then passed them on to my Dad (read below) to work his magic. Once he has completed his part, we carefully scan each illustration using a professional photo scanner at 1200dpi and meticulously remove the background, making each piece entirely transparent and ready to use.

The Back Story

Our handsketched series has been created in collaboration with my Dad. He has been an artist (non-professionally) for most of his life, with a particular focus on all things nature. So we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity for him to break out his pencils and start getting paid for doing what he loves! We all (Myself, Abbie, and my Dad) sincerely hope you enjoy we we have created together.

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