Helping My Dad

Helping my Dad

On November 28th, my Dad had emergency spinal surgery. We expected him to be walking out a few days later but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The surgery left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Helping my Dad

The day after surgery, to everyone’s relief, there was a flicker of movement in one of his toes. Information was getting through and that was all he needed. Every day since we have been by his side celebrating every bit of progress but nobody more so than my Mum. Throughout all of this, she has taken an unpaid career break from work to become his fulltime carer/physiotherapist. Staff shortages are a pretty big issue throughout the hospital, so with her being there every day, it has made a world of difference to his recovery and mental health.

While his grit and determination have been nothing but inspirational, he’s only human and the ordeal continues to take its toll. Neither he or my Mum will admit, but finances are becoming a concern and I know that with your support, we can help alleviate that. So please use the box below to Donate anything you can and as a thank you, you’ll receive 20 of my Dad’s botanical sketches. Any help will truly be appreciated.

Donate and receive the sketches below as a thank you from all of us.

As some of you may know, I have been collaborating with my Dad on a variety of hand-sketched products throughout the years. They're all available through the store, but donate today and you'll receive the sketches below as a huge thank you.

oh man, I know what it is to feel the full weight of medical bills on your back. The wife went through cancer for 5 years and nearly broke us, still paying for bills. I couldn’t give a lot but hope it all works out for your dad and family. god bless

Sending love, prayers and a donation from Texas. My father is having a lumbar puncture and several scans on Monday to check out a tumor on his spine. I know how important it is for family to be there to rally around…and I know the costs of family being there, as well. Keep us updated, sir!

Donated. My thoughts and prayers go out to your dad and all best wishes to him and your family. Here’s hoping this little bit helps and that one and all (especially you, mom) get the support—and rest—you need. Love to you from Delaware, USA.

Sorry that I can’t afford to donate at the moment, but I wish your father a healthy recovery and your family all the best moving forward.

Hope your Dad is feeling much better – thanks for letting us repay you for some of the hard work you have put out there for free.
Your Dad’s drawings are most beautiful, I plan to use them for some notecards. Prayers for your family from the USA

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