License Add-Ons and Custom Licensing.

There are many situations where the licenses available on the face of our store may not suit the needs of our users. This is where our license Add-Ons come into play! You can add users to an existing desktop license, add pageviews to a web license, add titles to an app or ePub license, and add CPUs to our server license.

If there are restrictions within any of our licenses that you/your client require to be removed (that is not possible with any of our add-ons). For example, The “Use the fonts for large volume commercial projects of over 250,000 prints or static digital images” found within our Desktop License, then you will need to contact us to discuss a custom license.

Introducing our License Add-Ons

Below you will find our available license add-ons. These extend the limits on an existing license you currently (or soon will) own.