Helping My Dad

Helping my Dad

On November 28th, my Dad had emergency spinal surgery. We expected him to be walking out a few days later but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The surgery left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Helping my Dad

The day after surgery, to everyone’s relief, there was a flicker of movement in one of his toes. Information was getting through and that was all he needed. Every day since we have been by his side celebrating every bit of progress but nobody more so than my Mum. Throughout all of this, she has taken an unpaid career break from work to become his fulltime carer/physiotherapist. Staff shortages are a pretty big issue throughout the hospital, so with her being there every day, it has made a world of difference to his recovery and mental health.

While his grit and determination have been nothing but inspirational, he’s only human and the ordeal continues to take its toll. Neither he or my Mum will admit, but finances are becoming a concern and I know that with your support, we can help alleviate that. So please use the box below to Donate anything you can and as a thank you, you’ll receive 20 of my Dad’s botanical sketches. Any help will truly be appreciated.

Donate and receive the sketches below as a thank you from all of us.

As some of you may know, I have been collaborating with my Dad on a variety of hand-sketched products throughout the years. They're all available through the store, but donate today and you'll receive the sketches below as a huge thank you.

Donated, hope the situation gets any better, and your mom can take care of her husband in love, without any concern about financial side. Wishes.

Truly sorry to read the news of your dad. Best wishes to your family! You’ve been a consummate professional with awesome products. Keep up the great work.

I am sorry about what is happening with your dad. Sorry, I can’t donate at this time as on the 18th Dec I too had spinal surgery to keep me from being a quadriplegic. My surgery was a so-called success but I have been left with multiple complications and we are in the same situation finances wise. I wish your family and especially your dad all the love, healing and prayers for the best possible outcome.

Dear Penelope. I am not sure if it is the right place to ask, but is there a way we can help you in your own situation? Sorry, by reading your comment I had a feeling to ask you. Greetings. Zoltan

Aloha, Tom (And Mum & Dad, …and ‘all the Rest’)!
So sorry to hear of this particular trial you are all going-through…sorry also I had to bail on my membership, but it was a good year, TC resources-wise!
We said goodbye to my Dad, this July. I was able to get over & spend 4 good days with him before he left us to go beach-comb with Mom on heaven’s golden shore! Kinda miss him; hard not to after almost 101 years? So please, enjoy each day together, no matter the burden? Bought a place back over in Northern CA (Karen & the fur-faced, pup-children are over there now), the Kaua’i place is in escrow & I’m over here packaging up our ‘things’ for a sea voyage…fun is where you find it?
Praying for God’s peace for You & Yours!
Please tell Dad how much I marvel at his exquisite line work?

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad and good vibes to you and your mom (and the rest of your family) as you take care of him thru this process!

Best wishes on your Dad! Donated! I hope you and your mum receive some support for yourselves after giving so much.

This had gone to Spam but I’m glad it did so I saw it sooner than later.

Hi Tom, very sorry to hear those bad news, I made a very humble donation, best wishes from Switzerland.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Please keep us updated as I will be praying for him.
“I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of good and not of evil to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

I just spontaneously donated 40 dollar 🙂
Hope your dad will recover soon and wish you and your family strength and lot of love!
Sending positive vibes from Germany! <3
Sunny greetings! =)

It doesn’t surprise me that a great Dad would have a thoughtful son. Thanks, Tom, for what you’ve done for him, but also for highlighting, in a more personal and granular way, that we are all in this boat together. Your follow-up email is having a significant effect on bolstering faith in my fellow life travelers. God Bless your family, and Godspeed your father’s recovery.

Best wishes to your Dad, your Mum (carers are often hit almost as hard as the person in need of care) to you and your loved ones.

Avec toutes mes pensées pour votre père, votre famille, et pour des progrès dans son rétablissement.

Tom, Our best wishes to your Pop, your Mom and you. Here in the US we have similar issues with care. While there are vast differences in the health care system (I use that term loosely), there is one thing in common from what I can tell; there is no help for family members who want to be involved in caregiving.

This was an easy answer for me today. There are thousands of stories every day of people who could use help. I wish I could, but I cannot help everyone. What made my answer easy today was that I wanted to help YOU. The way you run your business (even from the very start) I noticed; Tom is a very caring man. He cares about his craft, his customers and they way he communicates with the world. You are not in the business for the money. You are following your passion in a passionate and kind way. And you deliver outstanding products to others who are following their passion That’s why I had to say “Yes!”

Keep up the excellent work and my sincere warm well-wishes to your entire family.

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