2014 Yamaha Bolt Official Video Release (and images)

Yamaha Bolt 2014 Black

Being a massive fan of Yamaha, and an owner of the 1997 XVS Dragstar 650 (a fairly back to basic bike), this video excites me. It shows off the 2014 Yamaha Bolt complete with a V-Twin 942cc engine, it puts my mind at rest to see Yamaha going back to basics and emphasizing on the "mechanical beauty" and […]

New Portfolio, New Blog – A Fresh Start


Ahh, a new beginning, its a refreshing feeling. Even if the 'new beginning' proves to be a complete pain in the ass. I'm not the first and most definitely not the last to admit that the task of creating anything for yourself, from portfolios to business cards, rapidly evolve into a festival of nitpickery. So rather than creating anything flashy […]