The Personal License

The Personal License

The world of licensing can be tricky and often confusing, so allow me to break it down as briefly as I possibly can.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Personal use –  Everything under the personal license may not be used for commercial projects. A commercial project includes anything where either party involved gains monetary value from the work produced (read exceptions). Fonts may not be modified, distributed to a third party, embedded as a webfont, or embedded within a mobile app.

Student Use –  You may use products under the personal license to complete student work such as school assignments and self-initiated projects, as long as it still falls under the uses outlined above.

Exceptions – Unlike most other personal use licenses, you can, in fact, sell your creations. However, there are restrictions. For example – you can design and sell greeting cards (for Birthdays, Christmas, etc) and sell them to a small group of people (family, friends, and friends of friends but not customers or clients). I do not consider this kind of small-scale work commercial. The price you are selling for is extremely low and it’s mainly paid as a token of gratitude. The same would apply for if you were to create an invitation for a friends wedding or a local charity. However, if you are advertising your services and start working with clients and/or customers, this is the moment things go commercial and you would need to upgrade your license.

Hey Brad, using assets on your production website would be considered commercial use, as the company itself is commercial. If, however, you were not generating revenue from your brand and it was purely for fun. This would be considered personal.

Hello Tom, I have recently started a business of repurposing antique furniture and hand
painting floral or vintage designs on the projects. Is it possible to make transparencies from your designs to project onto the furniture and paint the designs. If possible what computer program would I need to be able to print your designs onto a transparency. I sale my pieces in three store fronts and each project is a one of a kind piece

We would love to use your fonts & illustrations to create a logo for a small candle company that will eventually be selling candles on Etsy with our logo on them. For starters we will be selling candles at craft fairs and word of mouth. Would we need a commercial license?

I work for a community non-profit org. Would I need a commercial license to use your fonts and illustrations for promoting our courses and events on social media? Thanks.

Can I buy the personal license, and upgrade to the commercial license? Or do I need to buy a new commercial license? Your work is beautiful.

Do images used in one-of-a-kind/fine art collages for sale require commercial license? Or does personal suffice?

Hi Tom,
I’m turning my own junk journal hobby to be my second revenue. I love your work and would love to have your designs on the rubber stamp for sale, I would love to buy the commercial fuul access one. I’m wonder if I could do it for some traveling ticket with your botanical designs , washi tape, memo note with other content with your fonts that I woul create and else?

What about a personal license to support a non-profit? This would be website, social media, brochures, flyers, tickets, etc

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