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Tom’s work is not only professional, refined and skilled, but he can cover a range of styles – classic, whimsical, and more. I’ve been enjoying free downloads, too, send in his personable and friendly emails. What’s more – Tom is responsive and kind, and when I see his name pop-up on an email in my inbox, I smile!

Geena of Geena Matuson

I really love the bundle. Working as a professional graphic designer,  it is a perfect all-round collection of textures, brushes and fonts I need day by day.

Susanne of SL Grafik

Sweet fonts, nice price. Thanks, Tom! You’re a font crafting gem and a true gentleman with a real appreciation for great customer service. Go big, stay great!

Stu of Great Big Creative

Tom is an excellent designer and illustrator. The typefaces I’ve used are stylistically accurate with a modern design. I’m excited to see what he comes up with next!

Dan of Lawless Jerky

Tom has a number of tools that I use frequently – the watercolor brush pack is very high quality, brushes are large and hi-res with a wide variety of textures. His fonts across the board are beautifully done and unique while sitting at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Robbi of Bobbledy Books

I was delighted to discover Tom Chalky – he created plenty of useful fonts, textures and brushes – and it’s nice to know that there’s a passionate individual behind it all. I’ll be back, for sure. Thanks!

Jonathan of Mute Grab