Extended Licensing

Extended Licensing

The industry is changing; We’re living in exciting times where independent creators can create and sell their own product quicker and easier than ever. So my licensing has changed too, no longer pay extra for extended licensing! All of my products are now sold with extended licensing.

Extended Licensing Details

The following guidelines apply to all products available at Tom Chalky; Asset-specific guidelines are available below.

The license allows you to

  • Use resources to create products for sale (≤125,000 end units)
  • Use resources within personal and commercial projects
  • Use resources within multiple projects and/or multiple clients

The license does not allow you to

  • Use resources on their own within an end product for sale. For example;
    • You cannot purchase an illustration pack and sell prints of the illustrations without combining them with other assets and or original creatives.
    • You cannot use the fonts for alphabet or letterform-related products or devices.
  • Redistribute, sublicense, or share the assets
  • Resell assets as digital stock images/downloads
    • You may not resell work created from our resources in a way that is seen to compete directly with the original product creator. E.g.: Downloading an illustration pack, combining the illustrations to create a new illustration and reselling this as a downloadable stock image. (If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ below or contact me)
  • Use assets if the end clients annual revenue is more than $25 million USD per annum
  • Use assets if the total end products for client/project exceed 125,000 units.


Along with the ‘Extended Licensing Details’, these are the do’s and dont’s when using Tom Chalky fonts.

You are able to

  • Use the fonts within e-books, online publications, and websites (<100,000 monthly visitors) for personal and commercial projects
  • Use the fonts within the design of a logo
  • Use the fonts within slogan based products (t-shirts/mugs/posters/etc)
  • Use the fonts to create Word Art as long as they are being used as part of a wider design and not as a singular word

You are not able to

  • Use the fonts to create graphic flattened alphabets, letterforms, digital alphabets (alphas), die-cut patterns or stencil designs.
  • Add trademarks to designs including the font (this is available, please contact)
  • Use the fonts within online applications and/or games.
  • Create an editable logo template available for resale
  • Embed the font on a third party/Print on Demand website where third parties who are not licensed are able to work with the font


Along with the ‘Extended Licensing Details’, these are the do’s and dont’s when using illustrations

You are able to

  • Use the illustrations to create a flattened, original design for use on Print on Demand websites *see FAQ’s for more details

You are not able to

  • Turn the vector/illustration into a digital repeating pattern, icon, or other design resources to sell.
  • Provide your client with the source files *see FAQ’s for more details.
  • Deconstruct the vector/illustration and resell the individual parts.
  • Use a vector/illustration as a primary logo mark for an organisation.


Along with the ‘Extended Licensing Details’, these are the do’s and dont’s when using Textures

You are able to

  • Use the textures as a background within  your original design
  • Use the textures as an overlay with your original design

You are not able to

  • Use the textures as a standalone design


Why has your licensing changed?

As our brand grows and develops, our licensing will too. With recent changes in the industry and the increasing volume of independent creators, we felt it was appropriate to help encourage this entrepreneurship by not charging extra for the freedom of an extended license.

Does it affect my previously purchased products?

Any product purchased prior to 1st November 2018 is covered by our previous license terms and conditions.