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Grit and Grunge Brush Pack

This small pack of gritty brushes is perfect for the times you need to quickly add some texture to your work. With 7 easy to blend presets, this pack is mighty handy. Want more textures? Check out my pack of 45 Grit and Grunge Textures.

Casual Line Script Font

Inspired by classic handwritten scripts; Casual Line Script holds dear to its imperfections. With 160 stylistic alternatives and a multilingual glyph range, this is my most generous free font to date! Purchase a commercial license here.

26 Vintage Handwriting Brushes

This free Photoshop brush pack contains 26 exquisite samples of handwriting taken from a collection of early 1900’s postcards I acquired from a car boot sale (an English ‘Flea Market’), carefully edited and packaged for digital use. Free for both commercial and personal purposes! If you love vintage design, you will love the ‘World’s Greatest Vintage Collection‘ I create in collaboration with the guys at Design Cuts.

Graham Hand Font

A simple yet effective handwritten font that has been free from day one. It’s one of my first ever fonts and I refuse to remove it. Truth be told, the kerning is a little off, the spacing could do with some work, but I still love it! Browse my whole collection of handcrafted fonts here.

29 Postage Photoshop Brushes

This handy pack of 29 postage ink/stamp brushes for Photoshop was collected from the same group of postcards as the handwriting brushes above. Carefully edited and repurposed for modern, digital use. Free for personal and commercial purposes! If you love vintage design, you will love the ‘World’s Greatest Vintage Collection‘ I create in collaboration with the guys at Design Cuts.

48 Handcrafted Vector Ribbons

Within an 1800’s ornate design book was a section covering decorative ribbons – the pages were too damaged to scan, so I decided to entirely redraw them by hand and offer them for free here! Commercial use allowed.

10 Gritty Tea Granule Brushes

A year ago I ripped open some tea bags and spread tea granules all over my (now broken) scanner. The effects that I was able to create were amazingly detailed, so much so that I have decided to transform them into easy to use Photoshop Brushes. Browse my other premium textures!

Skip the freebies - Unlock all of my Premium Goods!

Have you had a little look around the store? It’s absolutely jam-packed with high-quality, professional design resources and you can own it all with my All Access Pass. Best of all, every future release will be ready and waiting for you. Save time, energy, and money by putting my range of handcrafted fonts, realistic textures, and vintage illustrations to work.

25 Watercolor Brushes for PS

The popularity of watercolor textures has blown up over recent years and this pack was made right at the start of it all – Grab this pack and put it to good use! Have you checked out my premium watercolor packs? They’re bigger and better! See for yourself.

Abbie Script Font

Abbie Script is a beautiful handwritten script font that has been hand drawn, scanned, and digitized for you to enjoy. The primary aim with Abbie Script was to create a readable and elegant script font that could transform into something creative, unique and eye catching within a few clicks. Purchase a commercial license for Abbie Script.

9 Fabric Photoshop Brushes

Collected from various fabrics I found around the house, this useful collection of 9 fabric Photoshop Brushes are super effective and easy to work with. Check out my premium photoshop brushes here.

Scribbling Tom

Scribbling Tom started with a hand full of paper and quickly writing the phrase ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ 30 or so times. I scanned in the results and selected my favorite letters.

The end result was, to my surprise, super effective. So I continued to develop the rest of the font in a similar fashion until I covered all latin glyphs. (Scribbling Tom is free for commercial use)

Hectra Font

Introducing Hectra, a commercially free handcrafted font found only within this pack, it’s super versatile and available in both Regular and Bold weights. A Little tip, it works great with the Jimmy Sans family below.

If you’re enjoying what you are seeing so far, be sure to check out my premium fonts and downloads, your support goes a long way and helps with the development of more free content like this.

Jimmy Sans (+ Exclusive Brush Style)

When designing the full Jimmy font family, the idea was to create a font that looked great small, while still holding onto that hand-drawn aesthetic that we love – making him ideal for slogans, short paragraphs, and accent words.

Within this free sample, you will find Jimmy Sans Regular with a bonus (and exclusive to this pack) Jimmy Sans Brush style. Check out the full Jimmy font family here. Free for commercial use.