The Best Of List (Subscribers Only)

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Why, hello there!

Instantly download my most popular free downloads

Over the years I have designed many resources for creators, like yourself, and occasionally I like to give them away to my subscribers. Often the download is a standalone product, however, sometimes I’ll splinter off a useful section of a much larger product and offer it for free so you can get a taste of what’s available. Whatever the case, this page will be updated with the most popular ones – with instant access reserved exclusively for you.

Introducing the elegant and handwritten ‘Casual Script’ font designed by yours truly. This font draws inspiration from classic scripts and holds dearly to its handcrafted imperfections. With 160 stylistic alternatives, a multilingual glyph range, and a free commercial license, Casual Script is my most generous free font to date.

This free Photoshop brush pack contains 29 beautiful and authentic ink marks and postage stamps taken from a fantastic resource that was published over on my art and design blog (Inspiration Hut) containing 36 high-resolution vintage postcards. This brush pack is free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

A year ago I ripped open some tea bags and spread tea granules all over my scanner. The effects that I was able to create were amazingly detailed, so much so that I have decided to transform them into easy to use Photoshop Brushes.

While working relentlessly on new products for Vector Hut (A new brand that Abbie and I have started that focuses on collecting, restoring, and repurposing old and forgotten artwork for the modern creator – see our products here) I came across a small collection of font specimen prints within an 1849 ornamental design book…

Within an old 1800 ornate design book was a section covering decorative ribbons – the pages were simply too damaged to restore, so I decided to entirely redraw them by hand and offer them here. There is a total of 48 vector ribbons inside with two options, solid and outline! Enjoy.

This free Photoshop brush pack contains 26 exquisite samples of handwriting taken from a collection of 36 high-resolution postcard scans that was published over on my art and design blog; Inspiration Hut. This brush pack is free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

This grit and grunge Photoshop brush pack has been a big hit receiving over 10,000 downloads! This minimal grunge brush set is perfect for quickly creating backgrounds for art and for roughening some typography and illustrations. Combine the brushes together to create unlimited alternatives. The brushes have no hard edges making them very easy to blend.

Introducing the second in our series of Watercolor brushes for Photoshop, To download the first, visit here. This particular set contains 25 awesome Photoshop brushes and the best thing is that they are free for both personal and commercial uses. If you like these, you’ll love my premium watercolor brushes.