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Abbie (my Fianceé) and I are a team and have been from day one. So it made perfect sense for us to include all of what she is working on within the all access pass too! Her inclusion adds, even more, versatility to the membership and truly is the cherry on top! (More info)

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Tom’s work is not only professional, refined and skilled, but he can cover a range of styles – classic, whimsical, and more. I’ve been enjoying free downloads, too, send in his personable and friendly emails. What’s more – Tom is responsive and kind, and when I see his name pop-up on an email in my inbox, I smile! 5-star-rating Geena of Geena Matuson

I really love the bundle. Working as a professional graphic designer,  it is a perfect all-round collection of textures, brushes and fonts I need day by day. 5-star-rating Susanne of SL Grafik

AIbEiAIAAABDCO6S2o6zw9GOByILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKDcyYzU1NjJmMTNmNzU5ZDIzMGJjYjY2YmE2ZjRmYWYxN2RmNGZiN2IwAd9LJIIM_NHuXa4hyneKzpXW0cY3Sweet fonts, nice price. Thanks, Tom! You’re a font crafting gem and a true gentleman with a real appreciation for great customer service. Go big, stay great! 5-star-rating Stu of Great Big Creative

In my professional career, anything that helps me appear even more professional is of heightened interest to me.  Choosing a font to convey a message is critical to successful communication, which is why I opted to download a few of Tom’s.  They reflect what I wish to convey, a professional-quality finished product.  I expect to keep an eye on future font issues from this very personable fellow who has obvious, genuine interest in and love for what he does.  I rate Tom a 4.5 because I believe the best is yet to come! Keep up the good work, Tom! 4-5-star Bruce Purchased Rivina

Tom has a number of tools that I use frequently – the watercolor brush pack is very high quality, brushes are large and hi-res with a wide variety of textures. His fonts across the board are beautifully done and unique, while sitting at a surprisingly affordable price point. 5-star-rating Robbi of Bobbledy Books

I was delighted to discover Tom Chalky – he created plenty of useful fonts, textures and brushes – and it’s nice to know that there’s a passionate individual behind it all. I’ll be back, for sure. Thanks! 5-star-rating Jonathan of Mute Grab

Tom is an excellent designer and illustrator. The typefaces I’ve used are stylistically accurate with a modern design. I’m excited to see what he comes up with next! 5-star-rating Dan of Lawless Jerky

I am a big fan of Tom Chalky’s website. The fonts are amazing and I’m really looking forward to using them as well as the brushes and textures. Thanks Tom for the newsletter updates of your new additions, the huge amount of freebies, and my new purchase of the huge arsenal of fonts. Can’t wait to use everything throughout this year. 5-star-rating Chris of Chris Capilla

Everything that I’ve ever purchased from Tom Chalky has been phenomenal. I find myself consistently returning the use of his fonts for projects that I’m working on, and they never disappoint. I can say for certain that the quality of output from my company has drastically improved due to his products. 4-5-star Wes Weber Purchased Multiple Products

It’s very hard to find good quality, creative products for an accessible price, or even for free. To me, what Tom provides is all about sharing work, experiences and making the environment for other designers more enjoyable, somehow. It’s easy to feel how much he loves his projects in every shape of every design presentable in his website, and I am grateful that there are people like him, willing to transform the process of creating beautiful design into something more, something that can be available to everyone. 5-star-rating Natália of Natália Pereira

Tom Chalky’s fonts are delightfully creative & fresh, yet suitable for commercial work. The well-crafted, full-featured font families are useful in a wide range of projects. 5-star-rating Mariella of InSight

I’m a relatively new customer but I love the products by Tom Chalky.  I have a small online graphic design business and frequently require the use of a variety of unique fonts and textures.  Tom’s portfolio is filled with the very things that will be perfect for my business.  I immediately subscribed to his newsletter so I wouldn’t miss out on his fabulous deals and fantastic artwork.  I highly recommend this website as a source of constant inspiration and freshly relevant product.  I’m looking forward to frequent visits here myself! 5-star-rating Diane of DayDream Designs