Free Download! 20 High-Quality and Creative Paint Textures

Add Some Realistic Texture to your Design Work!

Within this beautifully handcrafted texture pack, I have 20 super high-quality paint textures (PNG’s and PS Brushes) ready and waiting. Each piece has been professionally edited to be perfectly transparent and beautifully detailed. Add a human’s touch to your digital work! With the boom of handcrafted design, the timing couldn’t be better.

20 High-Quality and Creative Paint Textures (Was $19, Now Free!)

Ample amounts of paper, black acrylic paint, watercolor palettes, brushes, sponges, and a countless amount of hours were spent creating, scanning and editing my full collection of beautifully detailed textures and today I’m offering you volume 1 of 12 for free!

High-Quality Assured! The technique that I use for removing the background (card or paper in this case) from my textures is one that I have perfected over the years and ensures that all the realistic details (paint gather, small highlights, shading, etc) remain intact. This technique improves the overall quality and the flexibility of the textures. Thus allowing you to overlap the textures on any background, including other textures, without any dodgy lines or other unwanted overlapping issues.

What's inside? 20 PNGs & 1 Photoshop Brush Pack

Hey! I’m Tom, and I design creative resources for creative folk such as yourself; from handcrafted fonts to detailed textures.

Many, many hours have gone into the design and development of these wonderful textures, and I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did making them! Any questions? Hit me up on twitter @tomchalkys!

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