20 Botanical Illustrations & Extras

20 Botanical Illustrations & Extras


Within this particular download, you will find 20 beautifully handcrafted plant and flower illustrations and a bonus set of 5 Handpainted Watercolor Flowers. The sketches have been entirely isolated from their backgrounds, meaning you can stack these an infinite amount without any issue (stacking the same image ontop of itself will increase its contrast).

How This Pack was Made

We sourced floral illustrations from the early-to-late 1800s that were either too damaged to restore digitally or generally unusable, we then passed them on to Tom’s Dad (read below) to work his magic.

The Story Behind the Handsketched Series

Our handsketched series has been created in collaboration with Tom’s Dad, Andy (Tom is one of the Designers behind Vector Hut). Andy has been an artist (non-professional) for most of his life, with a particular focus on all things nature. So we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity for him to break out his pencils and start getting paid for doing what he loves!

A Quick Look at What’s Inside

  • 20 High-Quality, 300 DPI, PNG Images of Hand Sketched Flowers
  • Average Dimensions = 3500px Wide x 7500px Tall
  • 5 BONUS Hand Painted Watercolor Flowers (300 DPI PNG)
  • The Feeling of Being Awesome

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