2014 Yamaha Bolt Official Video Release (and images)

Being a massive fan of Yamaha, and an owner of the 1997 XVS Dragstar 650 (a fairly back to basic bike), this video excites me. It shows off the 2014 Yamaha Bolt complete with a V-Twin 942cc engine, it puts my mind at rest to see Yamaha going back to basics and emphasizing on the "mechanical beauty" and the general esthetics a bike can ooze without all the fancy electricals. The bolt comes in two alternatives the Bolt and the Bolt-R ($200 dearer). The only differences between the two is the color choices, and the Bolt-R comes with preload adjustable dual "piggyback style" premium gas shocks whereas on the flip side the Bolds rear shocks are fairly standard (preload adjustable dual shocks).

A new trend is emerging in the motorcycle world, with a "back to basics" approach. Designers and custom builders are stepping back to a time when the mechanical beauty of a motorcycle was highlighted in its styling. The Bolt's simple styling, compact layout, V-twin power and natural riding position combine to offer an incredibly fun riding experience. 

Yamaha Bold 2014 Black Yamaha Bolt 2014 Black Yamaha Bold 2014 White Yamaha Bold 2014 White Yamaha Bold-R 2014 Grey Yamaha Bold-R 2014 Grey Yamaha Bold-R 2014 Green Yamaha Bold-R 2014 Green

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